Every couple of months, we host a giant dinner party in Singapore.

Everyone is invited. Singaporeans, residents, visitors, migrant workers, expats, dogs, cats… Culture Kitchen is an inclusive dinner party for everyone.

Why do we do this? We’re a group of Singaporeans who have travelled the world, including to some of the world’s greatest conflict zones. We believe that our experiences while travelling are universal.

Sharing a meal with someone is the best way to learn about how they live, eat, play. It is also the tastiest.

This is Singapore. There is no better way to learn about the world except through the myriad food and people gathered here.

As a nation of food lovers (food-obsessors, more like), we take our food very seriously. We’re also surprisingly open to most things, as long as it’s edible and tasty.

In our tiny island, we have a concentration of different peoples and cultures represented here. In this little city-state we call home. It would be a shame to let it go to waste.

Culture Kitchen began as a direct response to some of the creeping anti-foreigner sentiment seen in Singapore circa 2013 (how did it start? read this). We were a series of small volunteer-led pop-up events. Our impact was minimal, but we learned a ton.

Now that we are larger in size, ambition and scale, we are going to make Culture Kitchen a consistent part of the Singapore landscape. In mid-2015 we won a grant from Jetstar which will enable us to create large-scale experiences and events. We have a clearer mission now. So stay tuned for the next installation of delicious food and friends from all over the world.