Why Culture Kitchen?

Singapore is the hub of Asia, and indeed, the world. Like anywhere else, we’re not without our share of cultural problems. Culture Kitchen aims to increase awareness of different cultures in Singapore by highlighting their cuisine and art. Through our events, we want to create more experiences for diverse groups in Singapore to meet, talk and eat with each other. A lot can happen over dinner!


The Concept

Every quarter, we place our spotlight on a specific non-citizen community in Singapore. What do they do, where do they eat, and what are the stories behind the food? Every Kitchen is different. Every Kitchen is delicious. Each time, you’ll get to meet people from these communities, and learn a little bit about their lives and loves. Being open-minded begins with open-mindedness about food that’s different from your own.

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We Are Off to a Flying Start!

We’re pleased to announce that we have won the third iteration of the Jetstar Flying Start Grant. As you know, buying dinner for hundreds of people can get prohibitively expensive. With the grant in cash and tickets, we can focus on the events and create a few more meaningful experiences with greater consistency and impact. Find out more about our partnership with Jetstar here.